Tenderheart Too! – Toddlers & Infants

Tenderheart Too!

Tenderheart Too! -Toddlers & Infants

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The Tenderheart Toddlers & Infants house Philosophy:

We offer a place where young minds are encouraged to figure out the world through discovery and play. Our program was designed for toddlers & infants ages 3 months to 3 years of age, by individuals who love and understand  children. Our home environment provides play and learning areas that comfortably encourage children to explore while building self-confidence, and social skills while supporting emotional growth. We demonstrate healthy habits by  spending time in the wonder and joy of nature and by encouraging children to make the best choices about the food they put into their bodies.

Parent volunteers expand our program by providing a strong community connection to our children through sharing their diverse talents and by supporting a positive connection to children. We are devoted to building a strong foundation for each child so that each child has a positive self-image of themselves and sees  themselves as important members of their community. We are conscientious about reaching the whole child and strive to provide an inclusive program that changes with the needs of the children. We offer assistance with potty training, support developing and maintaining friendships and engage in a fun and creative  program that teaches children the tools for preschool success in a literacy rich environment.

Our Toddlers & Infants house participates in:

  –  3 star QRIS Program
–  Scholastic book orders
– Egg study  (chicks and salmon)
–  Toddlers & Infants activities
–  Parent volunteer opportunities
–  Brightwheel live time notifications to families
–  Providing Resources for families on domestic and childhood issues
–  Supporting families with raising healthy happy children–  Let’s Move Child care
–  Eco-Healthy Child Care
–  DHS Payments (Enhance rate provider) 
–  Quality Rating Indicators Scale training for Oregon (QRIS)
–  USDA Nutrition Food Program–  Profarm Organic produce delivery